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1st Andean Valley Corporation Business Associates Meeting

Published  01/14/2014

1st Andean Valley Corporation Business Associates Meeting

Starting October 14th and ending October 16th, Andean Valley Corporation had its 1st official Business Associates Meeting.

A 3 day agenda in which all Business Partners gathered in La Paz ??? Bolivia from the different countries where Andean Valley has established its branch offices. Some of the subjects covered over these 3 days referred to analyzing new business strategies, learning as well as enjoying a substantial degustation of the new Added Value Products Andean Valley Bolivia has developed over the past year, exchanging ideas and opinions of the Added Value Products that are currently still in process, exchanging business experiences from different countries and contexts, analyzing the current situation of the quinoa world, etc.; but also, these 3 days where an excellent way for all the Business Partners to meet each other, strengthen ties, learn what opportunities and limitations each country has to offer, which projects each Branch is currently embracing, but most of all, it has been a very important step in terms of the creation of the great Andean Valley Corporation.

It is safe to say that a lot of work was done during these 3 days, but there was also a lot of fun! Log on to our facebook page to see many pictures of this event and share the experience with us!