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Danish Ambassador B2B Follow Up at Andean Valley Corporation

Published  12/09/2013

Danish Ambassador B2B Follow Up at Andean Valley Corporation

Mr. Ole Thonke Ambassador of the Danish Embassy in La Paz Bolivia paid Andean Valley Corporation a visit December 9th.

Mr. Thonke as the most recent Danish Ambassador in La Paz Bolivia was interested in learning about the company that had participated in one of most successful B2B (Business-to-Business) Program in Bolivia yet, and therefore spent many hours in Andean Valley Corporation learning all about Andean Valley Corporation???s Marketing strategies and logistics; discovering the largest brand of Organic Royal Quinoa Added Value Products there is in the market as for today, which is of course of Andean Valley Corporation; learning all about the process that quinoa grain must go through in order to be at it???s very best point for human consumption, and enjoying a delicious lunch that included all the Added Value Products he had discovered a little earlier in the day.

One thing is for sure, Mr. Thonke may be new to Bolivia, but after spending a few hours in Andean Valley Corporation, he now is an expert in Organic Royal Quinoa!