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Clients, Former Partners and Good Friends from Denmark

Published  11/13/2013

Clients, Former Partners and Good Friends from Denmark

It???s been 10 years since Aurion, a baking company in Denmark, started importing Organic Royal Quinoa from Andean Valley Corporation. Over this period of time, Aurion and Andean Valley Corporation had become partners in a 5 year project that ended November 2011.

This project focused on Andean Valley???s Organically Certified Farmers, working with the collaboration of 2 Danish technicians with over 30 years of experience in Organic Production. These technicians helped to teach old and new methods for organic production, pest control, fertilization, etc., always highlighting the importance of working with organic methods rather than conventional ones. So when the news arrived that Aurion???s creators would pay Andean Valley Corporation a visit in November, the reaction was no less than excitement to receive not only clients and former partners, but also good friends. Mr. Jorn Larsen and his wife Ms. Inger Larsen spent a little over 10 days in Bolivia and they took advantage of this trip to pay some visits to old friends, such as Andean Valley???s farmers have become to them.

We recommend you try Aurion???s great variety of breads, since in many you will not only find recipes from all around the world that have been perfected, but also new great creations with Organic Royal Quinoa Flour, which provides a high nutrient factor, but also something that most breads in the world can???t offer: GLUTEN FREE!